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English language support tasks for the week to three

English language support tasks for the week to three
Wassalm’mualaikum Wr. Wb
I can’t imagine life without education
Speaking about the education we all already know that the importance of such education. Education, skills, knowledge is one of the capital that we have to live in this difficult times. Why say that?
We would have been able to answer, what is the first thing seen when we wish to make a job application letter? What we need, when they want to start a business or a business?
Of course, education, ability, insight and knowledge is what we need. In the educational bench a lot of things that we can be right. why so many people in Indonesia who do not get an education bench as it should, especially in remote areas around the area of Indonesia. It seems that their awareness of the importance of education needs to be improved.
Become a developed nation is certainly an ideal to be achieved by each country in the world. It has become common knowledge that the advancing or not a country is influenced by educational factors. Once the importance of education, so that a nation can be measured whether the nation forward or backwards, because as we all know that an education course will print quality human resources both in terms of spiritual, intelligence and skill and education is the process of printing the next generation. If the output of this educational process fails then it is hard to imagine how to achieve progress.
I can not imagine if this gidup without education. I take the example of my home city of Ketapang, his right my village, many children drop out of school due to charges or association which resulted in them could not attend school or education. We are talking today a lot of children who do not attend school because of the association, in the era of globalization is socially more children plunged into the negative. Because access is very easy for children to accept it over the internet, television, or other information appliance. Because of the more interesting development era and mindset they are too short facilitate their unaffected And especially those who receive little education.
Education does not need to come by the school environment, could also family and community environment. Because children are not easily affected by a negative thing because the environment of his family or community are educated to be able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong, and vice versa as well if they are easily influenced because the environment of their families and communities less attention or advice, making them want to know how the development out there.
Those who can not find work education becomes difficult, there are unemployed, there is also a market porters or in ports, and there is also a felony like to be a thief.
A few of my writing this. I would like to express my gratitude.
Wassalm’mualaikum Wr. Wb

English course assignments, week 2

assalam'mualikum Wr. Wb.

my skill or my hobby
My skill is to play volley ball. I want to tell you a little about my hobby or skill.

I love sports activities such as jogging, cycling, football, volleyball, futsal etc. But the sport that I often do is play volleyball. My height 167 cm high, although not completely. From elementary school my skill is playing volleyball has been raised from the district level participated in the selection of players following the weekend sports and art (PORSENI) primary level Melawi, but did not get a championship. My skill is to follow my father who likes to play volleyball. Then, enter junior high school I entered junior high school All 3 Ketapang. That, too, I entered junior high school volleyball team 3 Melawi, but I was so lazy exercise, not being lazy or no willingness to practice, because the distance between the SMP and my home very much. If you wear a bike a distance of 30-45 minutes, because I went to school wearing a bike that makes me lazy to practice volleyball, due to be back and forth. But that does not make me no deterrent gym teacher told me to exercise to the point that every afternoon he picked me.because I practice often followed the Sports and Arts Week (PORSENI) between SMP Se-Melawi. Alhamdulillah, thanks to the training we got a champion volleyball TEAM 3. In addition to their trophy and the money, I also get a charter or certificate of education department participated in sports and arts week (PORSENI) Se-Melawi. After it continue on my entry to school Secondary TO SMA 2 Ketapang. I went into the volleyball team also stay until I do not get in the Province keseleksi just follow the inter-high school championship, because I focus on extracurricular Paskibra and scouting. And now to my lecture I rarely Once playing volleyball since I entered university because of busy tasks Lecture.But if I Break My Class kampong Often I play volleyball page. At least he never lost a sense of pleasure to our hobby, although only occasionally do, Because Health Number one for me, the sport was for me a sense of fatigue with bustle will disappear. A few brief story about my skill. Hopefully both entertained and helpful. thank you

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Tugas tanggal 10 maret 2017

  1. Time trevelling robots they can bring us to goto some place quicly they will make our lives worse if they figthing.
  2. I would like to see robots that can change acar and protect me.
  • Paragraph 1. Line 9 until 11
  • Paragraph 2. Line 14 until 15.
  • Paragraph 3. Line 33 until 34.
  1.    C. Robot in the home
  2.    A. Robots will inprove our lives in many wasy.

  • Airline pilot
          No, Because robots probabily get some problem with they system.

  • Cook
          No, because human have different taste.

  • Doktor
          No, because robots cann’t cek our healty, surpical operation and consultancy.

  •   Police officer
          Yes, Because he cann’t be killed

  • Singer
          No, because robots cann’t dance like human, human like to see singer did can dance.

  • Storeclerk
          Yes, because robots can help us and can calculate quicly.

  •  Taxi driver
          Yes, because robots cann’t lie us

  •    Teacher
           No, because robots probably can’t answers our question if we get confused

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Why do i choose civil engineering study ?? The reason I entered the faculty of civil engineering that is because I want to be a contractor. Other than that I like things related to the count. And other factors that prompted me to get into technical school was my curiosity will be how the building - high-rise buildings or buildings - skyscrapers can be built. I also have a dream one day I can build buildings - skyscrapers sky with my own thoughts and certainly assisted by co - workers who else but me wanted me to be the leader of the project. And I hope that my building was built it was the tallest building in Indonesia if it could be in the world, amen.And I also want to bring Indonesia name and the name of the University Tanjungpura Pontianak.And the last reason I wish my parents happy with my way to college, study hard to be successful and succeed, Amen!